Managed Care

Managed Care

Aegis PainComp® for Managed Care

Through our PainComp® testing services, we offer significant medical and economic value to managed care organizations. We effectively support government programs, commercial payers and workers’ compensation insurers by providing the most complete and accurate picture of patient compliance.

Our Savings Are Verified

Although the treatment of pain is complex and influenced by multiple variables, our innovative claims-based study with Truven Health Analytics™ – which examined claims data from 80,000 patients – shows Aegis patients incurred fewer healthcare costs compared to patients who underwent mass spectrometry testing by other labs, including 19% fewer ER visits and 12% lower total healthcare costs during a 3-year period.1

Patients tested by Aegis incurred 19% fewer ER visits.


Patients tested by Aegis incurred 12% less in annual healthcare costs.

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Powered by Truven Health Analytics™ MarketScan® Research Databases, this study included thousands of claims over a three year period. In addition to claims, other patient-level data sources include inpatient, outpatient, drug, lab, and benefit design. Patient selection was based on pain diagnoses, continuous opiate prescriptions, and medication compliance testing. Our proprietary approach used a data-matching algorithm to identify Aegis patients, compare outcomes, analyze the cost of care, evaluate the effectiveness of medical treatments, understand prescription drug utilization patterns, and identify downstream costs.


1 - Study conducted by Truven Health AnalyticsTM. Value Analysis of the Costs and Benefits of Aegis PainComp® Medication Compliance Testing Services. © 2015.

  • Workers' Compensation

    Workers' Compensation

    1 out of every 2 workers’ compensation claims involves some form of prescription drug misuse or abuse. Aegis helps you gain control, intervene quickly and close cases faster. We also offer personalized support, including insightful reports, easy access to toxicologists, pain management clinical specialists and expert witness opinion and litigation support.

  • Commercial Populations

    Commercial Populations

    Aegis aims to reduce costs, improve care and enhance the satisfaction of your members, employer customers and partnering physicians. Our leading approach to pain management testing supports timely referrals, reduced hospitalizations and ER visits, improved performance in Pay-for-Quality initiatives, reduced risk of litigation and discovery of new opportunities to prove care/ reduce cost.
  • Managed Medicaid

    Managed Medicaid

    Narcotics abuse is a prevalent problem in Medicaid populations. We provide a clearer picture, enhancing your ability to intervene with members in need and more consistently referring them to assistance programs such as behavioral health. Aegis offers affordable access to high quality services, so that your underserved members can get the care they deserve.

Looking Ahead, Together

In a changing landscape, how do you choose the correct lab partner that is right for your needs? What would a successful lab partnership look like? How can you be sure to choose a lab that will keep the promises they make?

  • Track Record

    Track Record

    Aegis has a record of success in doing things the correct way. We deliver accurate, reliable results, and meaningful economic value for our clients.

  • Financial Health

    Financial Health

    We stand on 25+ years of financial stability and are a long-term laboratory solution for our clients.

  • Resources


    We will work with your health plan to support your testing policies and steerage efforts through provider outreach and education.

  • Commitment


    We are flexible in our approach to reimbursement models and work with our partners to develop a structure that best fits their financial goals.

This is a pivotal moment in healthcare. The steady increase in drug abuse, an uptick in utilization, and the constant introduction of innovative testing technologies presents an uncertain future.

The right partner can have a profound impact on your health plan and members. To ensure success, you should find a lab that supports your overall objectives. What do you focus on?

Leveraging Our Experience

There are many labs to consider when developing a network. Over the past few years, numerous new independent and physician labs have emerged. Most market their services without any clear point of differentiation. Aegis has more than 27 years of experience being different from other labs.

  • Ethical


    We do not sell testing supplies or table top analyzers. Our relationships with physicians are focused on improving patient care, not enhancing their revenue.

  • Stable


    Aegis is privately-owned and has a history of financial stability.

  • Compliant


    All labs are audited. We have never received any material adverse determinations or settlements from any agency with regulatory or oversight responsibility.

  • Consultative


    We listen and educate. We do not direct physicians’ treatment plans for their patients.

Let's Partner

Let us show you how Aegis is different from other labs. For more information, please contact our Managed Care team at: